Great Times With Grandkids


Four Guys At Mt. Rushmore




by Patricia D. Kennedy

with contributions by Leslie Doran, Gayle Vaughn, and Jere Kennedy


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This memoir/guide is mostly about the 14 mystery trips my husband, Jere, and I took with our six grandchildren. Why mystery trips?


The old adage tells us that "everyone loves a mystery"; we found that children love a mystery most of all. Anticipation for the trips was fueled by monthly clues given before the trip began, and by daily clues each morning while traveling. On these trips, the grandkids bonded not only with us, but with their cousins as well. The trips were self-planned and took place in Colorado and six other states. Guidelines follow the details of each trip.


The trips, the other unique activities, and the traditions we established over the years are fondly remembered by our grandchildren.


This book is written by grandparents as a gift for other grandparents. We hope our stories, adventures, and guidelines will inspire others to enjoy the same marvelous times with their grandchildren."




"Are you looking for a creative way to bridge the generation gap? Then this is the book for you!"

~Kurt and Christy Marrs


"Clues, questions, speculations, and interactions are the essence of this delightful book. The detailed examples will inspire other grandparents to have great fun with their grandchildren, while creating lasting educational and bonding experiences."

~Grandparents Nita & John Bradford


"I thought Pat Kennedy's idea of Mystery Trips was amazing and I couldn't wait to try it. It worked out wonderfully for me and my little 8-yer-old granddaughter"

~Ruth Denker


"I think this little book would be a great gift for all grandparents. As a great-grandmother, I'm going to give it to my daughters in hopes of spreading the joy."

~Sally Romani


About The Author


The Author


Throughout her adult life Pat Kennedy has been an advocate for children. The mother of three sons and a daughter was a primary teacher for 20 years. After retirement she founded a family literacy program for immigrant parents and their preschoolers.


As her children married and started having their own kids Pat began to realize that "grandchildren are the dessert of life". Every day she spent with them was a joy. In retirement, Pat and Jere combined their love of travel, and of being with their grandkids, to create these 14 wonderful mystery trips. The trips have validated Pat's observation that, indeed, "grandchildren are the dessert of life".


Raft Trip On Animas River


A raft trip on the Animas River brought big shouts and huge smiles from Drew, Tyler, Sam, and Max as they bounded along the rapids. Grandma, Grandpa, and friends joined in the fun.


Photo Courtesy of: Flexible Flyers Rafting, Durango, Colorado,
Posing with Devil's Tower


After searching for, and then spotting Devil's Tower Mountain in Wyoming, the group poses at the base of the mountain. The boys briefly ponder climbing to the top.


Chuck Wagon Dinner


At a chuck wagon dinner in the forest near Rapid City, South Dakota, Ethan and Grace have fun lassoing a metal/straw bull.


Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD


At the Mammoth Site Museum in Hot Springs, South Dakota, Grace and Ethan, our young paleontologists, dig for bones, and identify the bones they find.





The trips, adventures, and activities detailed in this book can be planned and carried out by aunts, uncles, or even parents!




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